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All Roofs are cleaned safely from the ground, via scaffold towers or the required access platform.

90-100% of moss is removed from your roof before cleaning your tiles. Moss removal in Medway is carried out using telescopic poles with the correct tiles scraper attached.

once the moss have been removed, we will then soft wash your roof. Soft washing in Medway is the safe alternative to pressure washing your roof.

We will NEVER walk along or pressure wash your roof!

What is Soft washing?

Soft washing is a safe cleaning process, with no risk of damage to your hard surfaces. it is an affordable, safe & effective method of removing algae, dirt & stains from your property.

soft washing is the process of applying chemical through a 12v, 100psi pump. Safely using the correct chemicals, at low pressure is the method behind our great results.

To speak to a local roof cleaner, call James on 07565 516 971.

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