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Safe Moss removal in Medway is completed from ground level or via a tower platform. All moss is scraped from your tiles using blunt scrapers which are attached to telescopic poles. The build up of moss on your roof does not only unsightly, it can also lead to blocked drains, gutters & downpipes. we provide a professional moss removal & roof cleaning service across the South East, Covering Medway Kent. We guarantee that between 90%-100% of the moss on your roof will be removed from scraping. We then remove the remaining moss by applying a biocide onto your roof tiles. check out our soft washing page to find to out how we provide safe Roof cleaning in Kent. We use over 26 tile scrapers to suit each Kent roof clean, including Grovesbury's, Ludlows & Flat tiles. The moss is then disposed of & all of your gutters are cleaned out. followed by a window clean if it is required.

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