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Moss removal & Soft washing service in kent  

Moss Removal & Soft-Washing: Professional Roof Cleaning  in Kent. 


  Using specialist roof cleaning equipment, we clean your roof safely from the appropriate access platform.  We begin by cleaning the ridge & hip tiles, using wire brushes to remove any moss and debris. We then go on to scrape the rest of the moss from your roof using Freeman Flexi-scrapers. with a range of 27 tile profiles, each scraper is suited to the tiles were cleaning. We will never walk along a roof pressure washing, this is an unsafe method of cleaning which could lead to considerable damage to your home .

once we have removed 90-95% of the moss from the roof  we then proceed to  clean out all guttering of any moss. all downpipes are covered with gutter guards whilst we remove the moss from your roof,  that allows downpipes and gutters to flow as they should.



Your roof is then safely soft-washed by our team of professionals. Soft-washing ensures no damage is caused to your roof like pressure washing can do. For more information, view our soft-washing page

What is Soft washing?

Soft washing is a safe cleaning process, with no risk of damage to your hard surfaces. it is  an affordable, safe & effective method of removing algae, dirt & stains from your property. 

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