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Gutter CleaninG service in Gillingham


Broken or blocked gutters could lead to permanent damage on your property. With dampness becoming a common issue as a result of not maintaining your gutters, hiring our Professional gutter cleaners in Kent is a great step to ensure your home is free from leaks & dampness. 

What makes our Gillingham gutter cleaning service different?

Here at JBCS Kent, we take great pride in ensuring every length of guttering & down pipe on your property is flowing as they should be. We guarantee that all guttering is fully cleaned by our professional gutter cleaners in Gillingham. Using the latest gutter vacuum technology, we can clean all types of guttering, reaching up to 50ft. 

How often should your gutters be cleaned?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to gutter maintenance, It simply depends on your surroundings. If you have moss on your roof or trees surrounding your property then we would recommend having your guttering cleaned twice a year. whereas, those properties with fewer trees around them & no moss attached to roof tiles, we would recommend  annual cleaning.  Unsure whether or not your gutters need to be cleaned? Perhaps speak to James to arrange a visit.

How can I receive a quote?

We provide fast, free quotes for all Gillingahm gutter cleaning services. We can quote from photographs or alternatively visit in person. To receive a free quote today, simply send photos of your gutters to us on 07565516971 or to

and we will get back to you with our next availability and a quotation.

Have an enquiry? 

If you have any enquiries in regards to our professional Gutter clearing service in Gillingham, please don't hesitate to get in touch with James on 07565 516 971. We are more than happy to take the time to explain the process & reassure your of our professionalism and reliability. 


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